The Unbelievable!!!

How would Sathya Sai respond to a desperate call from someone whose conviction about “Him” being God is almost nought, whose very demeanour changes into a fearful one on hearing about Him, Sri Sathya Sai? Read on from Rita Bruce who writes about Sathya Sai’s unique way of showering grace delivering a ‘family’ package, as appeared in Sanathana Sarathi, February 1986.


Sathya Sai Baba tells us that if we surrender to the Lord, He is obliged to protect us. Does His Protection and Love stop with the individual devotee? It appears that His promise of protection also includes the devotees’ whole family.

For the past 10 years, I have seen His Love and Grace spill over into the lives of my children, and recently I have witnessed this same Expansive Love reach out to touch the lives of my parents.

How many times I have read about Sathya Sai Baba’s Miraculous Healings, never realizing that some day it would include my father. After all miracles are something you read about, but never happen to you.

In October 1984, my father was told that he had cancer of the colon and liver. It seemed like an unfortunate time to receive news of impending death. My mother and father were going to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in a few short weeks. We had planned a Mass and reception for family and friends. It was to be a time of joyous celebration.

The doctor told them to postpone the operation until after their Anniversary. It took great strength for my mother and father to go on with the celebration, even though Dad’s illness was terminal. Somehow they would manage, and they did. Their strength came from their deep faith in God.

A few days after their Anniversary, Dad’s colon became blocked and emergency survey was performed. I call this “Divine Timing”.

As mother and I sat across from the surgeon, we so very much wanted to hear that the news was hopeful, but the prognosis was not good. My father had cancer in the small intestine, the abdomen, the colon, and in 50% of the liver. The colon was so inflammable and cancerous that he had to give my father a Colostomy. His death was only a matter of time.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year passed. Dad’s health went from bad to worse …. his large form shriveled. He couldn’t eat and lost 46 lbs. My mother was so depressed that, she lost 35 lbs from worry.

I constantly called on Swami for courage, to help my parents through these troublesome days. I prayed that if it was His Will, to please heal my father, and give my mother the strength she needs.

My parents are devout Catholics and feel very close to Jesus. They cannot understand my relationship with Sai Baba nor the concept of “God in Human Form” being someone other than Jesus. When I speak about Sai Baba, I can see the fear in their eyes, especially my father’s …. so I remain silent. They actually knew very little about Baba or my trips to India.

The day after my parents’ Wedding Anniversary in November, our son Craig departed on his first trip to India, to see Sai Baba. We were so happy for him. Well, on Christmas Eve, Craig received our first letter, and we received his. “Divine Timing!” We told Craig about his grandfather’s operation and cancer. He was upset and wrote a note to Swami, asking Baba to help his grandfather.

On Christmas Day, Craig had a first row seat and as Sai Baba approached him, he held up the note. Sai refused the note but made Vibhuti for Craig, and gave him Padanamaskar. Padanamaskar means, “surrender to the Lord.”

Craig sent some of the Vibhuti home. It arrived mid January. After taking the Vibhuti, Dad’s weight stabilised. They used the Vibhuti because I told them of its miraculous power to heal. What did they have to lose, they were desperate.

One afternoon in January, I was meditating…. mostly talking with Baba. It seems as if I heard Him say that Robert and I should come for a visit in March and November this year of ’85. I replied, “but Sai, my father is dying of cancer, how can I come in March?” The voice replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your Father.” Immediately, we arranged for airline tickets leaving on March 1.

Continuing with the sequence of events, in February my father received an unusual phone call. To have the doctor call you without any prior contact from you is unusual. The surgeon suggested that Dad have another operation to re connect the colon, reverse the Colostomy. They prayed and decided to have the second operation.

This time after surgery, the doctor was so hopeful. He was smiling from ear to ear. He said that the colon was so much better. He removed the cancerous tumor and reconnected the bowel. As far as he could tell, all the cancer in the liver, intestine, and abdomen looked to be benign. A few days later this was confirmed by the tests. The doctors were amazed! They were further astonished by Dad’s quick recovery after tour hours of major surgery. We took Dad home in one week, three days before we left for India…. “Divine Timing”.

At Prasanthi, Sai Baba gave us an interview. I held up my parents’ picture and asked, “Sai, did You cure my father of cancer?” Baba patted me on the shoulder and replied, “I sure did!” I will never forget the thrill of my “FATHER” telling me, He cured my father.

It’s hard to believe that a few short months ago, my 76 year old father was so close to death. This summer he looks great and is playing 18 holes of golf four times a week. The comparison is unbelievable; Sai Baba makes it believable.

He Changes the unchangeable.

He Cures the un curable.

He Loves the un lovable.

It could only be ….GOD IN HUMAN FORM!!!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II