Where Are You…?

Close to two years from the March – April 2011 Divine Drama, when pangs of separation, from the beautiful physical frame, hits an earnest seeker, she asks with a heart drenched in tears the million dollar question, asking Him about His whereabouts, Where Are You…? Praying Him to end the dark nights, to end the hibernation and to transcend the Truth…writes Ms Jullie Chaudhuri, seeking the most priceless gift of His Darshan!

The night was dark,
Dark and stark,
I ran into it,
To overcome this conflict,
Searching for an end,
Probing thoroughly,
For Truth to transcend,
Circumstances to amend,
My broken heart to mend,
No longer can I pretend -
It is a nightmare,
With which nothing else can compare,
It has to clear -
Beloved Mother soon re-appear,
The darkness must post-haste disappear…

I ran on and on,
Looking for dawn,
I was not alone,
So many others did moan,
Grief and groan,
Seeking the Beloved One,
The only One,
Dearest of the Dear,
Our very own,
While enveloping us with Endless Love,
Chooses to hibernate from sight,
No wonder ever so dark is the night…

I know all about Omnipresence,
The Form and the Formless,
The micro and macro way,
In which,
He does us continuously bless,
‘When He didn’t come,
Where did He go?’,
About all this,
Believe me,
I do know,
The One at Shirdi,
Was experienced in the State of Samadhi,
Right from the beginning,
At least during this lifetime for me,
But when He appeared at Parthi,
Ah! Haven’t you and I have seen Him too?
And then,
He decides to disappear from view,
Perforce must I ask -
Oh! Divine Mother,
Tell me do,
Just where are You…?
Don’t you feel the same way too -
‘Though I am alive,
But where is my Life…?’
After having seen and known Him,
And experienced Him too,
Incessantly this query bubbles forth,
In every heart through,
This sole question,
My Sweet One, Just Where Are You…?

In all that’s around me,
It’s You,
Yet, Beloved One,
Where are You…?
In all that I see, hear, taste,
Breathe, touch, think, say and do,
It’s You,
But, Beloved Bhagawan, where are You?
In the birds and the bees,
Sweet-scented flowers,
And those ever green leaves, plants and trees,
Even so,
Where are You?
In purring cats and loving dogs,
Crawling insects and leaping frogs,
Wild animals as well as,
Those that are tame,
In fresh mountain air,
Spring time, Winter and Summer too,
Still, answer me, kindly do,
Loving Lord,
Just where are You?
In the golden rays of the Sun,
In the shimmering moon beams,
In each twinkling star or asteroid,
In black holes and that fathomless void,
In Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth,
I feel You, but I want to see You,
How can this question not plague me anew?
When I have known that Glorious Form?
This Present Advent,
This Cosmic Birth,
How can anything else,
Be of greater worth?
And so I ask,
And enquire,
I do,
Along with innumerable others too,
Oh! This question reverberates the Cosmos through,
Oh! Sweet Mother Sai,
Just Where Are You…?

Let this stark, dark night end,
This hibernation right away amend,
Let Truth transcend,
I say this to You,
And I will not pretend -
Then only and only then,
Will every broken heart mend,
Grant us that Sight,
That illuminating Light,
You are our Life,
Grant us back our very Life,
The sole way,
For this dark, stark night,
Once again to turn into a dawn,
For this dark, stark night,
To be overcome with light, light, light,
Let me now run into ‘That’ Light,
That’s perennially joyful,
And eternally bright…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II