Secret of Spiritual Success

Defining His Avataric mission, dividing His mission into 16 years apiece with defined tasks, Bhagawan, delivering His ‘first public Divine Discourse said: …”not that I Am determined to exclude leela and mahima from My activity after that…. I only mean that re-establishing Dharma, correcting the crookedness of the human mind and guiding humanity back to Sanathana Dharma will be My task thereafter. Read on…

Do not be led away by doubt and vain argument; do not question how and whether I can do all this. The cowherds of Brindavan also doubted whether the little boy who grew in their midst could lift Govardanagiri and hold it aloft! The thing needed is Faith, and yet more Faith.

Once Krishna and Arjuna were going together along the open road. Seeing a bird in the sky, Krishna asked Arjuna, “Is that a dove?” He replied, “Yes, it is a dove.” He asked Arjuna, “Is it an eagle?’ Arjuna replied promptly, “Yes, it is an eagle.” “No, Arjuna, it looks like a crow to Me. Is it not a crow?” asked Krishna. Arjuna replied, “I am sorry, it is a crow beyond doubt.” Krishna laughed and chided him for his agreeing to whatever suggestion was given. But Arjuna said, “For me, your Words are far more weighty than the evidence of my eyes; you can make it a crow, a dove or an eagle and when you say it is a crow, it must be one.” Implicit faith is the secret of spiritual success.

The Lord loves, not the bhaktha but his bhakthi, remember. The Lord’s Grace is like rain, pure water, falling equally everywhere; but its taste gets changed according to the soil through which it flows. So also the Lord’s words are sweet to some, bitter to others. The Lord’s ways are mysterious; He blessed Vidhura with the words, “Be destroyed” and Dhusshaasana with the words, “Live for a thousand years;” He meant that Vidhura’s ‘I’ will be destroyed and that the wicked Dhusshaasana will have to suffer the ills and tribulations of this world for ten centuries. You do not know the real reasons behind the actions of the Lord. You cannot understand the motives of other men who are almost like you in everything, actuated by the same motives and having the same likes and dislikes! But yet, how easily you discover the motives of One who is far, far above the level of Man! How glibly you talk and judge of something that is as strange to you as atmosphere to a fish!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II