Transformation From Within…

In today’s world of competition and corruption, jealousy and hatred, transformation is what man needs the most. How are we to achieve it? This transformation should come from within and that too on a mass scale. Just as one tree does not make a forest or one house a village, so also one man’s transformation does not serve the purpose of society. According to Swami, for the transformation of humanity, first each individual has to transform himself, next there should be transformation in the family, then transformation in the community, thereafter transformation in the nation which finally leads to transformation in the world, writes Sri Parthish Dubey, then (1989) a XII standard student at Bhagawan’s school. Extracted from his speech delivered in the immediate Divine Presence. Read on…


This transformation is of two types—mental and spiritual, (Swami corrects me saying that it is for good transformation, as transformation can be good or bad). We can take the example of Gautama Buddha who even after attaining `Nirvana’ was not satisfied. He moved from place to place preaching to the people the joy of spiritual life and trying to transform them. He preached only what he had practised and realized.

Swami Himself is the greatest example in this, as He ‘works’ day and night for only one cause and that is to transform humanity into Divinity. It is for this reason alone that He has opened these educational institutions so that we may make the best use of our stay here. We are all aware that Swami’s message is spreading to every nook and corner of the world. I will just narrate two incidents relating to people staying near the Pakistan border.

The first person is a farmer. He was at loggerheads with his neighbour over some land problem. Even after becoming Swami’s devotee, he could not be on good terms with his neighbour. One day, as he was working in his field, his enemy came from behind and gave him a hard blow. Next minute, with the spade in his hands, he thought of paying him back in the same coin. But then, a sudden thought stopped him. He thought, as a Sai devotee, would such retaliation be proper on his part? This thought made him let that man (neighbour) go. The next morning when he got up from his bed he was all in smiles and full of peace. Do you know why? Swami had given him `darshan’ in his dream, as though to commend his tolerance.

The second person is a carpenter. He had the good fortune of coming to this place (Prasanthi Nilayam) and seeing the activities going on here. After returning home the first thing he did was to end a twenty year old enmity with his neighbour. The entire village was stunned at this change. Such is the transformation happening outside.

We are all aware that Swami’s method of transforming us is through His Infinite Love. Love goes straight to the heart and can melt the hardest of hearts.

There is a wonderful incident in the life of Basaveshwara; a well known social reformer of Karnataka, which proves the power of love. One night, some thieves entered his house. Hearing some noise his wife got up shouting, “thieves, thieves.” Hearing her, Basaveshwara got up. Now, fully aware that the owner of the house was awake and that there was no chance for them to escape, the thieves started shivering. Basaveshwara went upto them, and what did he do? He added a few more valuables to their collection. When his wife objected, his answer was, “Their need is greater than ours, so let them have it.” The thieves were surprised. They fell at his feet begging for pardon, took a vow never to steal again. It was the love of Basaveshwara which went straight into the hearts of these thieves and transformed them into better men.