Expression Of Gratitude by Anantapur Students…

Come March it is exam time for students all over, attempting to excel in the academic front. For the students at SSSIHL the story is not different yet, they do have something bigger and colourful in their scheme of things, undoubtedly the most pricey… priceless thing in their life… Gratitude…Gratitude to their Master Beloved…Gratitude to Beloved Mother Sai…Being grateful is one of the foremost and most important lessons students learn at the Feet Of Beloved Mother Sai. Time and again Bhagawan has spoken of the greater importance of being grateful…stressing on specially to – not being thankful alone, being grateful for everything in life and making lives an Expression Of Gratitude.

Even as gratitude season continues in Prasanthi, post Shivarathri, after last evening’s inspiring drama presentation by the blossoming ambassodars at Muddenahalli Campus, this evening it was the turn of the Messengers of Sathya Sai from the Anantapur Campus.

Capturing the nostalgic essence of His Love That Conquers, that has no equals or parallels…this evening,the passing out batch of girl students sang their hearts out, spelling out how Sai has become a permanent feature of their lives…how He became their Destination…and much more… Insterspersed with eloquent and emotional commentary, the presentation brought forth the rare essence of Divine Bond Of Love between The Divine Mother and Her children…

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Missing Swami’s physical form, yet having Him all over, it was apparent that Mother Sai listens to every single heart beat of Her children. Sprinklings of personal experiences by many students, of His Touch Of Love, served as add ons to the beautiful evening of Expression of Gratitude. It was an evening of Love…Divine Love…Assurance…Divine Assurance… Topping it, at the peak of their presentation, the students burst into an oath, promising to live by His teachings.

At the end, these grateful bunch of students signed off singing the evergreen Divine Love Song, Tu Pyaar Ka Saagar Hey…with an innovative mix of band and percussion music… Evening assembly sat in rapt attention only to give a continuous round of applause in appreciation…The other numbers for the evening were: Ganesha Vandana, Kanule Vethike…, Sai Maa…, Tere Iradon…, Pyaare Sai…, Sai Sathyam…, Oath and  Shukriya…

Bhajans continued and ended with ‘Sunday Special’, Bhagawan singing “Prema Muditha Manasey Kaho Rama Rama Ram…”

Mangala Arthi at 1820 hrs. marked the end of evneng’s proceedings.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II