The Interview…

He motions with His hand and devotees walk in…into the Interview Room…Lighting up the room, the much coveted Interview Room at Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagawan adorns His seat engaging Himself in to a Divine exercise, talking to the needy, the deserved, often dispelling doubts, filling with confidence, boosting up lives, lifting up souls… Read on such a beautiful Interview Room experience, shared by Ms Peggy Mason of the UK.

Baba motioned us all to follow Him in. We asked questions about a variety of subjects; talk of visitors from outer space, about healing, and asking for His help in this if we mentally called on Him; about mediumship, as we wanted to clarify a report I had once read that He did not approve of what mediums did. (But who can approve of what some mediums do?)

So we asked, “Is mediumship, to communicate with those in the spirit, provided the medium is honest and a pure instrument, wrong?”

“No, not at all,” Swami replied quite categorically, indeed, as we had expected. We also spoke about the “very bad karma” incurred by man’s abuse of the animal kingdom. When I mentioned science in this connection Swami raised His eyes, turned His head away and said, “Ah … science … I” with such pain in His voice. “It is essential to spread knowledge of the Oneness of all life. God is in every creature.”

Because it is written that the triple Incarnations of this Avatar, “the Kalki Avatar on the white horse” of ancient scriptures as Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba and Prema Sai represents the Shiva, Shiva-Shakti, and Shakti aspects of Divinity, we wondered if the next descent as Prema Sai, to come immediately after the present form is vacated at the age of 96, would be female.

Baba replied; “No, male. In Mysore—Karnataka.”

There was one question I particularly wanted to ask Swami. Regular readers of `two worlds’ may remember that in April 1979 I wrote an article titled “Did Jesus die on the cross?” I said: “Swami, there’s something I’ve wanted to know for a long time. Did the physical body of Jesus recover in the tomb? I mean, it wasn’t a materialised body of spirit—like Yogananda’s Master showed himself to him after he’d been buried?”

Swami said: “No—the physical body. No spirit materialised body. The physical.”

I wished I had asked Swami more questions. Yet when one really thinks about it, many questions which leap to mind regarding past events are of academic interest compared to the here and now, and the living reality of the Divine principle incarnate in Sai Baba at this most crucial period of the planet’s evolutionary history. There was, however, a question which was most vital to us—to hear from Swami’s own lips—and Ron “plucked up courage” to ask it.

“Swami, you are reported as saying, on Christmas Day 1972, that Jesus said: ‘He Who sent me among you will come again. His Name will be Truth. He will wear a blood red robe. He will be short, with a crown (of hair).’ Does this mean that it was You Who sent Jesus into incarnation?”

With ineffable simplicity, never moving His eyes from Ron’s, and in His soft, gentle voice, Swami nodded and said, “Yes.”

Ron took a deep breath. “Then, in that case, are You what Western Christians call `The Cosmic Christ’?” (the Cosmic Christ spirit).

Again came that simple, gentle reply, “Yes.”

As long as I live I shall see His face as He gave this answer in a manner no ordinary human being could assume—so direct, so simply, so gently, and completely ego less. For a few moments we said nothing, overcome by the impact of His reply.

Everywhere men and women of goodwill are expecting and praying for the Second Coming of the Cosmic Christ spirit. But whether they recognise it or not, it is here amongst us in the Embodiment of Selfless Love.