A Divine ‘Crow’ Play…

During an offseason in Prasanthi, when Bhagawan was physically away, Anna Maria Biuso Colombo along with her friends went for an outing to the famous Kovalam beach in ‘God’s Own Country’ – Kerala.  There, Anna’s close friend Francesca had something precious to learn…as she was prompted to leave something ‘precious until then’ –  a vice, only to learn a profound practical lesson, via a Divine messenger in the form of a black ‘flying’ beauty,  a crow… an account from Anna Maria Biuso Colombo of Italy.

Writes Anna Maria….
In those days Francesca could not give up smoking, in spite of many attempts. One morning all three of us were in the water swimming and at the same time we kept an eye on our bags which were lying on the beach. Suddenly we saw a large black crow going through Francesca’s bag and we ran out of the water, but the bird had flown away into a palm tree with the booty in its mouth – a packet of Marlborough cigarettes.

Under the tree some Indian boys joined us, but the crow held on tightly to the packet of cigarettes and despite our stone-throwing and shouting, it would not release it. Francesca gave up. When we went back to the hotel we had a shower, and went to hang our costumes on the balcony. We were completely stunned for there on the little table, clearly to be seen, was the famous packet of Marlborough. Francesca understood that it was time she stopped smoking.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II