Brahma Jnana…The Royal Path

The Royal Path of Brahma Jnana is not up for grabs for anyone and everyone… It demands unflinching attention, earnestness and perseverance to undergo any amount of difficulties for the sake of Truth, said Bhagawan once, alerting a bunch of ‘sleepy’ audience with His Divine wake-up call, to arise and awake… an account from the book “Madhura Bhakthi – Supreme Devotion” by Smt Kuppam Vijayamma.

When Bhagawan was talking about the principle of Brahma to us during His Golden discourse decades ago, not a single word was being understood by us. Not a single word entered into our heads. But Kumbakarna, the sleeping demon reigned supreme and swayed us all with his powers into his fold. It was a mixed gathering. Some were found laughing at themselves due to their sleepy state. Some were shy with the feeling if others would have caught them napping. Some were blank and baffled at their predicament not knowing where they were. The gathering appeared depressed, unable to understand what Swami was saying.

Bhagawan observed the pathetic plight of the audience and gave a compassionate smile at the dumbfounded gathering. Then Swami lovingly impressed upon us. ‘This Divine principle of Brahma is very difficult to understand and really taxes the brain. This cannot be grasped easily. You would feel the head becoming heavy and numb. But at the same time you cannot forsake this. It is the beacon of light for leading the true life. It is the Royal Path, which leads you to salvation. Hence all should listen attentively, understand and enjoy the bliss. One should struggle and undergo any amount of difficulties to perceive the Truth.”

On hearing Swami say this all of us shyly bent our heads in shame. Let’s not be overcome by shame and feel bad about it, but plunge into action by marching forward.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II