Omniscient… Omnipresent… Ever-Compassionate Lord!

He is omniscient…omnipresent…and omnipotent… Countless are His Divine sports…stories revealing His all-conquering Love… One such story in the autobiography of Peddabottu reveals the Love Of All Conquering Ever Compassionate  Lord Sri Sathya Sai…

Four days before Swami’s birthday, He would order us to make laddus. That year He asked us to make 50,000 laddus. We would call all the devotees at Nilayam and we all made laddus repeating His Name. The festival had come and the laddus were ready. For every festival we would serve food to all present. Before serving, we would put all the items on different plates and place those in front of Swami. We would garland Him, give arathi and then offer each item to Him as naivedyam, and only then take it for serving. Unfortunately i was holding the laddu plate this time. I went to Swami and showed the plate. Swami said, “I do not want them. They were offered to Me yesterday already. I do not want them now.”

All were shocked listening to this. I felt like crying and said, “How could they have been offered Swami, i kept them safely.” One lady who helped make the laddus was standing there holding some curry. She immediately put the vessel down and fell at Swami’s Feet and cried, “i have made a mistake. While making laddus i could not resist the temptation due to its sweet smell. Before washing my hands, i licked my hands. No one knew this. Omniscient Lord Sai knows this, which is why He said that it was alredy offered yesterday. I made a mistake. Please forgive me and accept, Swami.” Sawmi said, “Seethamma! Did I mention your name? Why are you revealing yourself and crying?” Swami laughed. All laughed. I felt bad because I was holding the plate. Swami asked us to start serving. Later, either because she cried or I cried, compassionate Swami called me over and took a small part of the laddu and ate it. We said, “Sathya Sai Bhagawan Ki Jai,” and served happily.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II