Baba Was Quicker…

Take refuge at His Feet with all out surrender and the rest will be done. With surrender God ‘steps out’ from within stepping into the situation bailing you out of the tricky situation. A story from Kerala, as published in the April 1971 issue of Sanathana Sarathi.

…a story from Kerala
The family of Sethu Madhavan Nair, about eight miles away from the house where a few months back Naxalites committed the most gruesome killings received a threatening letter from them, on 1- 3-71. The faimly felt that the Namasankirtan was their only shield. They decided on Akhanda Namabhajan for a week, six days, during day-light hours and on the seventh day, all the twenty-four hours! The valedictory function was celebrated with immense joy and the atmosphere was most inspiring.

It must be mentioned that Baba has been revealing His presence by miraculous manifestations in the shrine room of the house. This must have been the immediate reason for the ire that was aroused in the hearts of atheists and votaries of violence.

On the 8th, at 5 A.M., when Sethu Madhavan was near the washbasin at the back of the house, by the side of an open window, a fellow appeared at the window, and threw with fatal force a heavy choffer on the man! But, Baba was quicker! He drew the devotee suddenly to the corner of the room, away from the fatal blow, holding him quick round the body.

He actually had the feel of Baba, drawing him away! The choffer fell with a clang on the floor; Vibhuti had dropped all over the place.