What Keeps You From Our View?

Having experienced the Celestial Divine Beauty of Sri Sathya Sai Avatar on Earth, every devoted heart longs… incessantly beats, yearning to catch yet another glimpse of His enchanting Form…  Being eluded repeatedly, despite continuous fervent prayers, it is time for devotees to make amends resolving to make Sathya Sai their way…Sathya Sai their Goal…!!! …a poem by Sri Jullie Chaudhuri…

Beloved Mother…
With Loving Salutations and Fervent Feelings,
We embrace You…
All that the world signifies, pales in comparison to You…

In each atom, we can experience only You,
Every heartbeat, every breath sings Your glory,
Desires to be an inseparable part of Your astonishing story,
So much minutely, expansively and extensively is yet to be,
The Ether as such holds it all smiling magnificently,
Its comrade, the breeze whirls it around now and then, a trifle gently… 

Dancing upon Your bosom,
Oh! Cosmic Ocean of Consciousness,
Miniature waves are we,
The veils have fallen free,
Our souls seek to please only You,
Our souls seek only You,
Never will there be,
Nor is there any desire other,
Oh! Beloved Mother…
…Only You…

Having experienced Your Presence,
The heart longs for a déjà vu,
Entire Creation lovingly implores You,
Collectively anew,
Buds are ready to bloom just for You,
Exotic blossoms of astonishing hues,
Showers of adoration waiting to flow forth too,
A surge of anticipated delight the planets and five elements through,
Come, Beloved Mother what keeps You from our view?

If our prayers are falling short, uplift us, won’t You?
If we are not toeing the line, stop us from drifting,
We beseech You;
If harmony is missing, reinstate a glorious brotherhood,
Replace nasty unkindness and vile arrogance,
Care, compassion and humility make us pursue,
We beg of You;
Help us do all that we must, should and simply have to,
For the sake of ‘Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu‘,
Mould us,
Clasping Your tender soft Lotus Feet,
We plead and entreat You,
We do,
Come, Beloved Mother, what keeps You from our view?

Come into our view…
When will You?
We need You…
Hear the cry of Your children the Cosmos through,
Come, sweet Mother Sai,
Come into our view…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II