Don’t Worry; I will give him realisation…

Great Masters with complete awareness know what they do… and so with Avatars… it will be foolhardy for man to attempt to gauge their actions, rather man should submit to the will of Great Masters and Avatars…  Years ago, Bhagawan Nithyananda of Ganeshpuri had direted one of His disciples to visit Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai… For Swami Shradhanand, the trip turned out to be an ‘enlightening’ one… enlightened to know that God Is One…and One Only!!! …narrates Dr DJ Gadhia.

Swami Shradhanand, a disciple of Swami Nithyananda of Ganeshpuri (or Vajreshwari) near Mumbai, attended one of these programmes in 1962. Soon after the Arati, he went into meditation. Later, he came to us and said, “My Guru has suggested that I should have the Darshan of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba only with Dr Gadhia”. So, we proceeded to Puttaparthi on the very next day.

A very memorable incident happened in the interview room. When Swami started waving His right hand to materialise Vibhuti, Swami Shradhanand caught hold of His hand! All devotees in the room were stunned. I was utterly shocked because it seemed to me that Swami was insulted by a person that I brought.

This was the right time Swami taught us the lesson as He used to teach often, “My Life Is My Message.” He was not offended and on the contrary, He smiled and spoke softly and with loving care, “Why did you hold My hand?” Swami Shradhanand replied, “I have not come here to see peppermints and chocolates You distribute everyday to these children; I have come with a very great expectation from You!”

Bhagawan replied, “Swami knows that you recite Gayatri Mantra everyday and your Sadhana has reached up to the point of saturation so much so that you are going to get liberation soon. So, continue with your Sadhana.” Nobody was aware of this. Swami Shradhanand was surprised and became happy and apologised for his mistake. Then Swami said, “Don’t worry, mistakes are like passing clouds. Let Swami distribute peppermint and chocolates to these children.” He waved His hand and materialised Vibhuti and distributed to all, except Swami Shradhanand!

Bhagawan then asked Swami Shradhanand, “Would you mind if Swami gives interviews to these children first?” When I was granted interview, Swami assured me by saying, “Don’t worry, Swami will give him (Swami Shradhanand) realization.”

When Baba granted him a personal interview, Swami Shradhanand started shedding tears of joy and prostrated at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan, saying, “Oh my Master! You Are residing here in the form of Sri Sathya Sai. I am very grateful to You for granting me this Vision!” Swami Shradhanand would just not stop crying.

Having come out of the interview room, Swami Shradhanand gave a vivid description of his wonderful experience. He said, “Baba did not ask me anything nor did He give any opportunity to ask questions, but straightaway said, `Look here!’ and opened His gown (Kafni), revealed His chest and gave a vision of my Guru, Swami Nithyananda! I am really fortunate for having had such a realisation. I am also grateful to you, Gadhia, for having brought me here!”

We learnt a great lesson. Swami can give realisation of any form or Guru or any incarnation to anyone deserving, and that is the reason why He is known as `Sarva Devata Swarupa’ (Sarvadevatateeta Swarupa, as Bhagawan Himself mentioned once).

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II