The Last View…Of The Everlasting One…Hitherto…

Friday, 25th March 2011. Soft sunrays caressed the evening hours whilst giving way to an impatient twilight waiting in a star studded awning yearning to have a glimpse too of God on Earth. Unseen to the mortal vision celestial beings too hastened to these hallowed precincts. All eyes were glued to the entrance of the ever so holy Yajur Mandir. When the hour, the minute and the second merged in a harmonious blend as willed by the Supreme One, there was a flurry of activity outside the Divine Residence. An awed hush enveloped Sai Kulwant Hall…heartbeats were stilled into joyous silence as the devoted gathering waited with bated breath for a darshan of Beloved Bhagawan.

Souls delightfully leapt in delight, necks craned, eyes steadfastly remained centred beaming adoration…innumerable palms joined in prayerful reverence as the Divine Chariot glided in. At the same time silent requisitions brimmed in the environment, many held up their written communiqués seeking the compassion and benevolence of the orange hued golden Cherished Presence. Spiritual travellers, earthly wayfarers holding micro and macro desires while swimming against the tide…each one benefitted from the omniscient, all-encompassing mercy endowing gaze. For certain, some ancient ones, gifted with sage vision helplessly pleaded with Him for Him…surrendering to an uncanny knowing being aware of the purpose of the Advent…imploring that He may not in His pristine compassion overly annex and affix the humongous manmade calamities, appalling woebegone state of humanity and the despicable tattered condition of Mother Earth upon Himself…His Beatific Persona. Tears welled in many a devoted heart for myriad reasons…for Bhagawan symbolised a distinct aspect through the different phases in each individual’s life – Mother, Father, Companion, Best Friend, Master, Guru…Beloved Higher Soul. None were aware nor were given a hint as to the shrouded finality that encircled those moments and momentous episode.

Only He knew how much was being bestowed upon us all…so too, it remained with and within Him how much was being taken away. There was an interlude scheduled with a precision only God can plan for every speck in creation revolves and responds to His Will and Plan. The Divine Director had prepared His Script and the climax – it remained as His Exclusive Mystery! His Essence being eternal was to remain…even as His Form was being withdrawn…the lessons, reasons, shift, span, extent – His sole prerogative.

He is Ananth…Eternal…His Leela…His Cosmic Play…Ananya – matchless and unique. He transcends time and space…so too, time and space know Him to be their Source…the origin of every bit in creation. There is no such place as far away…and Bhagawan remains as close as close can be, His Omnipresence during His Physical Presence fascinated countless many. Millions have experienced Him in million ways and continue to do so, thus, all that we have witnessed is just the tip of the ‘Saiceberg’ and His Word…for the heavens hail Sathya Sai as the Greatest Avatar.
Then, can there be a last darshan of the Everlasting One?

Who doesn’t want more, having known a glorious fraction of the Supreme and His Supreme Facets…? As did Mira, Tuka, Namdev, Andal, Radha and each Gopika…the cows, calves, the dust and terrain of Brindavan…the core, each heartbeat along with the soul of Yajur Mandir and the soil of Prasanti Nilayam and Parthi yearns and echoes – the era of Sathya Sai has so much more in store for me and you.

He being Who He is…His Will being what it is…His Word being the Sathya of Sai…Shrishti being entirely His…Perhaps the chronicles of Earth hereby has this to say as regards this decisive day 25th March 2011 -
The Last View…Of The Everlasting One…Thus Far And Hitherto…

Read on  the Last Darshan Report as reported by The Prasanthi Reporter on the eventful evening of 25th March, 2011.

Prasanthi scripted a beautiful darshan story this evening with Bhagawan emerging at 1915 hrs, coming for two full rounds of darshan.

After completing the first round Bhagawan moved into the ladies’ side and continued with a bonus round of darshan. Primary School children had a wonderful time with Bhagawan, as Bhagawan preferred to stop at the block for a while during the end of His first round. The little children literally swarmed around His car with greetings in their hands. One after one, each one of them sought blessings from Bhagawan before His car moved into the ladies’ side, granting the bonus round of darshan. A group from Alike, Muddenahalli institutions also received Bhagawan’s special attention during the round of darshan.

Coming on stage at 1930 hrs, Bhagawan sat for the next half-an-hour and bhajans turned intense. With Bhagawan joining, giving finger beats in between, the session turned out to be a delectable bhajan treat for the august assembly in the twilight.

Just two minutes short of 2000 hrs, Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi. Even as Arathi was coming to an end, Bhagawan turned into a blessing mood, blessing the audience with double hand abhayahastha, continuously. Post Arathi, before leaving the dais, once again His blessing right palm went up, blessing the audience with Abhayahastha.

Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram at 2005 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II