Bhagawan’s Educational Mission @ 50 – As The Celebrations Continued…

Fifty years and the celebrations continued. Commemorating the golden jubilee of Bhagawan’s educational mission and that of the Anantapur Campus for women, as the celebrations flowed on from the morning to evening, the session at the Sanctum Sanctorum was marked by an array of speeches, felicitation, video presentation and finally a musical bouquet at the Sai Kulwant Hall in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Commencing the evening, Ms Karuna Sarup Munshi delivered the welcome address. Hailing the system instituted by Bhagawan, sharing the collective views in detail of the glory unmatched of His Mission, she then introduced the ensuing the session to the evening assembly.

Prof Rajeshwari Patel, Director of the Anantapur Campus,  in her address next spoke of the Divine forevision that  has superseded all the rest, establishing a women’s campus and thus paving the path for woman empowerment, as early as five decades ago. Now we are the custodians of culture bearing the responsibility to take the mission ahead, said Ms. Rajeshwari Patel, reminding the alumni of the essential requisite of repaying to the Ultimate Divine Mother for His selfless benevolence.  She proudly declared: “We Shall Hold High The Torch Of Sai”.

A commemorative souvenir, The Indweller, comprising of article of the unique Bond Of Love was then released by the Chancellor Sri K. Chakravarthi in the Divine OmniPresence of Beloved Bhagawan.

Addressing the alumni, the Chancellor highlighted on Bhagawan’s sankalpa to instil ancient ideals in the modern generation of His students. Even with a humble beginning five decades ago, the erstwhile Sri Sathya Sai Arts and Science College For Women that had its humble beginning in an existing school then, under the affiliation of an outside university, Bhagawan was still insistent on value based ideal education to be imparted to His students, recollected Sri Chakravarthi, quoting Bhagawan from His Divine discourses that spelt out His Divine Intend in precise detail. It was the fulfilment of a promise to the people of Anantapur district that Bhagawan established the college in 1968, said the Chancellor, reminding that Bhagawan’s was an attitude towards education, taking life as a whole, mixing passion for intellect and yearning for the soul. Deliberating on the induction of Educare, the Chancellor quoted Bhagawan that, there is nothing outside that is not available within. Educare means that which brings out what is within. Backing up the claim by the previous speaker of Empowering Women as early as five decades ago, the Chancellor agreed that in the midst of 20th century only Bhagawan had His Divine Forevision, conceiving the theme of women empowerment. Quoting Bhagawan on and off, touching upon the salient features of the mission unparalleled, Sri Chakravarthi also recalled some the milestone achievements of the educational mission that happened over the years.

Cherishing the long-standing memory of his association with Bhagawan’s University and with the Anantapur Campus that dates back to the very beginning, Sri Chakravarthi wished the alumni forum the best, wishing them to carry back Bhagawans’ love and grace.

Distinguished group of seniors, who were handpicked by Bhagawan during the golden jubilee run of the Institution, was then felicitated for their outstanding contribution to the Educational Mission. The distinguished seniors were Sri K. Chakravarthi, Prof. G. Venkataraman, Sri S.V. Giri, Sri Anil Gokak, Prof. Vishwanath Pandit, Prof. Nanjudaiah, Smt. Pushpa Ramana, Ms. Anima Mukherjee, Dr. J. Hemalatha, Dr. (Ms). Poornashree Devi, Dr. (Ms.) Dwaraka Rani Rao and Dr. (Ms.) Madhu Kapani.

How ups and downs become a part of our lives and how we are able to pick ourselves up against all oddities, with His Unseen Hands All Over, formed the theme for the next speech by Ms Sushma Kotagiri, a grateful alumna. Delivering a candid and inspiring talk, Ms. Sushma Kotagiri shared her humble learning at His Lotus Feet that had many ups and downs, all with great learning inputs. Having faced with a gruesome family trauma, losing her father and brother in an accident, life was going in a negative spiral for her, a testing time for her determination and faith. As she picked herself up, slow and steady, Bhagawan Himself came to her rescue, declaring HimSelf as the Father of the family, that He announced in the privacy of His interview room at Brindavan, Whitefield. I am constantly faced with what can be called development clash, said the speaker, commenting about her high-profile job with loads of socio-economic responsibility. It is on me to understand the situation in a holistic way that these are related to humans and human factors and hence there is a greater need for compassion and equality, said Sushama, crediting her success completely to Bhagawan’s Educational Mission. Ms. Sushma is currently a Senior Felicitation Specialist For Accountability Mechanism at the Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines.

A musical bouquet of songs in varied tongues was the next offering, airing their unceasing love n’ gratitude for the Love That Conquers embodied as Beloved Mother Sai.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed next, aired on the public address system. Bhagawan discoursed on the greater need to purify the mind. When the mind is purified everything else will change. Manomoolam Idam Jagat, declared Bhagawan. Man loves the world out of selfish interest, not out of love for the world. Selfishness should be under certain limit. Once students come out of the educational institutions then become completely changed. They should join the good company and develop good thoughts, exhorted Bhagawan.  Tell me the company you have, i will tell you who you are, said Bhagawan asking students to seek good company to live the life of exemplary human beings. Not only that students should tread the right path, they should also encourage their associates to tread the right path, said Bhagawan, exhorting the student fraternity to earn a good name for themselves, parents, their alma-mater and thus to Bhagawan HimSelf.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II