Andal Vaibhavam by Tirupur Balvikas

Over 675 devotees from the Tamil Nadu district of Tirupur is on a three day Parthi Yatra to Prasnathi Nilayam. Soaking in the bliss of His Beauty Beyond Compare Presence at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasnthi Nilayam, Balvikas children from the district presented a devotional offering, a musical dance drama ‘Andal Vaibhavam’ on the life of celebrated Alvar Saint, Andal, on Sunday evenng in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Sri Andal is one of the 12 Alvars,  the one and only female Alvar, whose unflinching devotion affiliated to Lord Vishnu is a part of His Story. Periyalvar, Vishnuchitta, one of the famed 12 Alvars, had found ‘this little girl’ in a mysterious circumstances near the Tulasi plant outside his residence at Srivilliputhur and there begins one of the most celebrated ‘Love Story’ involving Madhura Bhakti.

The little bundle of joy of Vishnuchittar was fondled, cared and taken care of by him as his little darling, who considered her as a boon from Mother Earth. She was fondly called Kothai. The session that ensued in the beautiful Prasanthi twilight unravelled the inciting story of Andal’s glowing and growing devotion to Lord Vishnu, leading unto Her final merger, ‘Oneness’ with Him.

The little girl in his devotional ecstasy would often lose herself that she would wear the garland meant for Lord Vishnu, enjoying the oneness, until that day when she was caught red-handed by her curious father. The incident turned out to be an enlightening experience for a heavy-hearted father, to whom Lord Vishnu HimSelf acknowledged that He would like to wear the garland already worn by Kothai, as He loved the smell of her devotion. As Kothai grew into a beautiful maiden, father’s attempts to find a suitable bridegroom turned futile, as Kothai was already lost in Him, adamant and determined to marry Him, only Him, her chosen Lord Vishnu HimSelf.

As days passed by, one day Periyalvar had a strange dream in which Lord Vishnu asked him to bring a ‘decked-up-bride’ Andal to Srirangam, as she was born to marry Him. Rest is history as Andal the garlands with Lord Sri Ranganatha to become His eternal consort.

Andal’s is the story of Madhura Bhakti, who, with her single-hearted devotion could win the heart of her Lord. Andal Vaibhavam by the Tirupur Balvikas children turned out be heartening, a salient reminder to one and all to make Him our heart’s one and only content.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

Earlier in the morning, Sri Shivasubramanian, District President of SSSSO – Tirupur addressed the assembly thanking Bhagawan profusely for His all-out blessings. He also recollected some of the momentous moments of His visit to Tamil Nadu, especially in the vicinity of Tirupur District.

Continuing to feast in His Presence, Balavikas Alumni from the district presented a soulful session filled with devotionals on Monday morning, serenading The Lord for over forty minutes. The string of devotionals interspersed with commentary had the ‘Jai Ganesha’ number Ganesha Pacharatnam to begin with followed by a Tamil number, a fervent plea, Vizhi Kidaykkuma Abhayakaram Kidaykkuma… Sriman Narayana Sriman Narayana Sriman Narayanani SriPadame Saranam…extolling The Lord Of Seven Hills at Tirumala, Jagata Janani Bhavatarini Mohini Tu Nava Durga…singing paeans at Mother Divine, Kanula Mundara Kadaliyaade… praising Beloved Mother Sai being Everything in life, Premake Suprabhatama…, SriRamaChandra Kripalu Bhajamana…, Saint Tulasi Das composition were the numbers this morning that ended with Brahmamokkade…ParaBrahmamokkade….

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II