When ‘i’ Serve…Do ‘i’ Serve?

When human mind poses many a question driving into serious introspection, it leads one to new vistas, greater realms of  conscious evolution. …And here he declares, surrendering all his actions at Him, praying ‘heart-fully’ for greater unity, universal brotherhood, Peace n’ Love for Samastha Lokas… all the worlds… a poetic expression from a Punaikar, Sri Sudarshan Nasery. 

When I serve, do I serve?
Whom do I serve?
What’s being served?
Why is it being served?
Seva… is it?
Or ego being flared?
Who of us really serves?
…and who really receives?
Whom do we attribute the merit of the deeds?
How is this going to transform us either way?
Will this act of mine be pleasing to my Lord???

These are some questions that,
My ‘mind’ pops at ‘me’,
When every time I plunge in,
In Seva, in my town.
I know not if,
Doer am I,
Or am I the receiver…?
Receiver of the food being served?
Am I the one giving,
Warmth through blankets?
Or do I receive the warmth of their,
Grateful greets?
Must I owe it to my hands and wit for
being ‘servicefull’?
Or must I owe it to my Godhood…?
Who made me so purposeful?
If Universal Mother feeds us all,
Why then I take a role to be,
Feeder for a day?
In Whose Cosy Lap,
Do the destitutes lay?
Would he not receive his bread,
If I miss him out on the street?
Will the Lord not take care of him,
If him, humanity doesn’t greet?

Poverty Of Love,
Is The Goal to blow!
Thirst Of Love,
Is The Aim to quench!
And The Lord Of Love,
Is The Source of our strength,
World full of Selfless Love,
Is what He Divinely resolved!
Love For Love!!!
Love when shared,
Makes the Seva come true,
To the hearts of my brethren,
It does glue!
Puppets just learn,
When the Master pulls chords,
The Brotherhood of man,
Under Fatherhood of God!

Grace me, my Lord!
With Thy work for Thy own clan,
Let these hands be Thine my Lord!
And let Thine be the plan!
May the body bruise,
In Your service and fade,
Never ever name of this,
Silly body parade!
Let my Seva be so subtle,
As the rosy breeze of smiling rose!
Right hand works through but,
The left knows not!

My Lord! May You recline,
On this serpent’s coil of my vices,
May my everything please Thee my Lord!
And,  may all the worlds…
May ‘Samastha Lokas’ soak in Thy Love!
In Absolute Peace! Prasanthi!!!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II