A ‘Drama Without Dialogue’…

The State that has been at the receiving end of nature’s fury time and again, Odisha, took up the most relevant theme relating to the Pancha Mahabhootas, the Essential-Five-Elements this second day evening of its 2-day Parthi Yatra presenting a unique ‘Drama Without Dialogue’ offering. Five elements being the manifest forms of Godhood are the base of life on planet earth, but man, with his greed coupled with ignorance along with modern-day advancement, is engaged in repeated exploitation and thus degeneration of the “5″, resulting in disastrous natural calamities, echoed the ‘silent voice’ of the ‘Specially-Abled’ children from Bhavani Patna this evening in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Right from birth until his last breath five elements form the chord for life on earth, but is he aware of the supreme importance of the base elements and thus grateful? Depicting the man-made atrocities causing natural calamities, posing many a relevant questions on his attitude towards ‘Prakriti’, the presentation flowed on to the brighter side of the story, of blossoming compassion in human hearts, as practised by the selfless ‘White Army’ of Bhagawan, Sevadal volunteers of SSSSO.

Every time when the State gets rattled by the ravaging natural fury, there comes with greater force the ‘Love In Action’ of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai, in the guise of His ‘White Army’, illustrated the evening presentation. Aptly titled “Karuna” meaning compassion,  the offering turned out to be a ‘sailent’ reminder for the august assembly, serving pointers on the supreme significance of the essential five elements, …on living with love and gratitude, with hearts full of compassion for one and all.

The actors at the centre-stage this evening may be underprivileged when it comes to the human essential faculties of hearing and speaking, but they undoubtedly earned the highest privilege this evening, adorning the centre-stage of The Lord Supreme, presenting His very own endearing theme of compassion.

Announcing that their “Hridaya” is indeed His “Veena”, the Sai Symphony Group of musicians continued next, serenading Bhagawan with a selected bouquet of four beautiful gems. Titled as “Hriday Veena” the numbers for the evening included “Shiva Shankari…”,  ”Baso More Nainan Mein Nandalal…”, “Arziyan Saari Mai Chehere Pe Likha Ke Laya Hoon…” and “Haye Krushna Haye Krushna…”.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II