The Only Correct Definition Of Truth Is, ‘That Which Krishna Speaks’…

Who else other than Bhagawan can describe the attributes and features of His previous ‘Avatar’ Bhagawan Sri Krishna, Who descended over five thousand years ago during the Dwapara!?! …And when He HimSelf speaks about HimSelf, it becomes a rare spiritual feast. Bhagwan discoursed on the Sri Krishna Janmashtami occasion in the year 1977, “this day is being celebrated as the ‘Birth­Day’ of Krishna, not for the reason that Krishna is being born every year, but, be­cause the hour, the asterisk, the month and the season during which He was born ages ago, recur every year, and this day, we have the same conjunction as happened when He was born millennia ago. Read on an extract from this Divine discourse, delivered at the Brindavan Hostel, Whitefield, Bengaluru.

…Krishna says, when promising His Grace to all who adore Him with no other thought, that all who do so will receive His Grace; there is no restriction of caste, creed or colour or country of origin; no one receives special favour as a result of erudition or age or caste. Krishna was the embodiment of Prema; His Prema had no bounds. How fortunate you are that you have today the same Krishna, the full Prema Avatar, moving among you! I shall show you the very Kaustubha that I was wearing at that time. (Here, Bhagawan waved His Hand and in a trice, a brilliant flash of light revealed a unique jewel in His Palm – the Kaustubha, famed in the Bhagavata and the Puranas. A big‑sized emerald of unexcelled green blue, rectangular in shape, bordered by splendorous diamonds, hung on a gold chain. (Bhagawan moved among the students, teachers and others and graciously allowed every one of them to see the sacred jewel very close).

Krishna moved among men as an ordinary person and drew them to the observance of His prescriptions by means of His Divine Prema. He refrained from parading His Divine Insignia, the Conch, the Wheel, the Mace and the Lotus. He did not wear even a Crown. While a boy, He followed the cows into the pastures with just a towel bound round His head. (Here, Bhagawan called for a longish towel, and He wound it round His head, to show how Krishna appeared at that time. He announced that, in those days, as now, there were peacocks in plenty in and around Brindavan and Gokul, and so, when He came across a feather fallen from its wing, He stuck it between the folds of the towel. It was a moment of rarest and finest delight, when Bhagawan stood revealed as the boy Gopala, before hundreds of awestruck but adoring devotees) When the Pandavas celebrated the Ashwamedha and the Rajasuya Yajnas, Krishna asked for some assignment being given Him, so that He might be of service. Though He could destroy the entire Kaurava brood, He tried His best to instill good sense into them in order to save them. Then as well as now, the teaching and the message are the same: “Know thyself, that is the only right way to know Me.” Being associated ardently with men, winning their Love through Love, and, through a process of correcting their vision and purifying their consciousness, leading them to the realisation of the God which is their core – this is the task, then as well as now. Unless the human form is assumed, no one will come near; if the appearance is super‑human, people will keep away. So, as the Sastras say, Daivam Maanusba Rupena…, the Divine in the Form of Man, has to come, to save mankind.

The Five Elements are the products of the Lord’s Will; so, they obey the Will of Krishna. Whatever Krishna said came true. The only correct definition of Truth is, ‘that which Krishna speaks’. Believe in that. Be firm in that belief. One day, when Krishna went on a stroll with Arjuna, He pointed to a bird perching on the branch of a tree; He asked Arjuna, “Do you see that peacock?” and Arjuna answered, “Sure. I do,” “Oh. Arjuna. It is not a peacock. It is an eagle,” said Krishna and Arjuna promptly agreed that it was an eagle. Soon, Krishna corrected Himself and pointing to the same bird, said, “I am sorry. It is a dove.” Arjuna too corrected himself and said, “Yes. I see now it is a dove, all right.” Krishna laughed at Arjuna and said, “It is not a dove at all; it is a crow,” and Arjuna agreed without demur, “Undoubtedly it is a crow.” Krishna then accused Arjuna of stupidity, because he was saying ‘Yes’ to whatever He said – the bird was peacock, eagle, dove, crow. Arjuna said, “What You say is the Truth, for me. You can make a crow a dove, a peacock an eagle. Why should I differ from whatever you declare? Your word is the Truth I go by.”

You too, must develop that faith and not be turned away by your egoism or others’ cynicism. Develop Viveka and Vairagya and then, your hearts will bloom into fragrant beauty. You have here a picture of Sai standing on a Lotus. Sai Krishna will install Himself in the Lotus of your heart. He will be ever with you as guard and guide and he will shower Grace on you. He will be the Mother, Father, Preceptor and God, He will be the nearest kinsman, He will be your All.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II