Aham SathyaBodhaka

Aham Sathyabodhaka, declared The Mighty Lord Supreme long ago, defining HimSelf on planet Earth, reminding the mankind of His ‘Mission Sri Sathya Sai’. During this sacred season of holy Guru Purnima, let’s ‘re-mind’ ourselves, tuning deep in,  remembering Him and recapitulating His…, His Sathya Bodhanam, Bhagawan’s True Truth Preaching, that reminds every single jeeva of his/her true nature, true goal, that is I Am…! 


Dating back decades,

On a beautiful sunny day on our blessed planet,

Gliding past the folk of blessed calibre,

Thus averred The Mighty Lord Supreme,

Sri Sathya Sai – Almighty Incarnate,

Aham SathyaBodhaka!!!

Defining HimSelf in no uncertain terms,

Defining His Avataric role on planet Earth,

He averred then,

Na Hum Manusho

Nacha Deva Yaksha Ha

Na Brahmana Kshatriya Vaisya Sudrah

Na Brahmachari, Na Gruhi Vanaprastha

Aham Sathyabodhaka!

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram!

Today, post many a decade from that blessed day of revelation,

When the Holiest Of The holies, Sacred Guru Purnima arrives yet again,

What do we take back home dear brothers and sisters?

Claiming to be His, for you and me to evolve?

What do we understand of Him and His preaching on this holy day?

As we walk on, claiming to walking His talk, calling ourselves His very own,

Let’s remind ourselves of the Sathya Bodhanam of Beloved SadhGuru Sai,

I Am I… I Am Sai…,

How often He repeated…?!?

Speaking His Heart Out in Love That Conquers!

Spelling IT out in myriad fashion,

Adressing His folk avouching His Heart’s content,

The SathyaBodhanam,

Announcing It loud and clear that,


Reminded Him many a time with patience utmost,

Asking the mankind whether it is paying heed,

Saying in crystal clear terms that,

He should keep his ‘aham’ apart,

Putting Apart his ‘i’,

Only to grow in His Light,

Evolving unto Him as,

Aham Sakshat Param Brahmam, Aham Eva Aham Asmi!

Aham Eva Aham Asmi!!

I Am I!!!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II