Cheppinattu Chestara???

Decades ago, as young Sathya, Bhagawan staged a drama of value-oriented message titled ‘Cheppinattu Chestara’, asking the ‘worldly’ around, as to whether they follow their words with appropriate deeds, practising Trikarana Suddhi, unity in thought, word and deed. Time and again during His sojourn on earth Bhagawan would send timely reminders for the man to follow suit.

Every human being has a heart. This heart is filled with love. With how many are you sharing the love in your hearts? …With none at all. What, then, is the use of that love if it is not shared? You must share with all the love in your hearts, not with humans alone, but with all beings in creation. Love, which is the gift of God, has to be shared with everyone in the world.

All human troubles arise out of the failure to share this love with one and all because of selfishness. Everyone repeats the benediction: “Lokaas-Samasthaas-Sukhino Bhavanthu!” (Let all the people of the world be happy). To how many are you giving happiness? You are repeating the words mechanically, but are you praying from your hearts for the well-being of the world? …No, not at all. You are concerned only with your selfish interests. The day you root out selfishness from within you, Divinity will blossom in your heart.

People talk about Sakshatkaram. What is it? It is not something external. Sakshatkaram is contemplation of the Divine at all times and in all states within one’s self. “Sarvadhaa Sarvakaleshu Sarvathra Hari Chinthanam” (Thinking of God at all times, in all places continuously). People do recite the Name of Rama incessantly. But will liberation be got by this repetition? To gain liberation, to win Rama’s grace, it is not enough to repeat His Name; you have to act up to Rama’s principles.

Rama sacrifised everything for the sake of Dharma. You have to make a similar sacrifice. Keep Dharma as your ideal. Engage yourself in righteous activities. Only then will Rama shower His grace upon you. If, on the contrary, you perform no Dharmik acts but only repeat Rama’s Name, it is tantamount to abusing Rama.

Likewise, there is no meaning in repeating Krishna’s Name. What the devotee should do is to experience the ecstasy of Krishna Consciousness. …Nor is that all. You should develop the equal-mindedness of Krishna. Krishna maintained the same serenity of mind whether He was in a Yoga- Bhumi, or a Yuddha-Bhumi (battlefield) or Smashana-Bhumi (a cemetery). He was always in a state of bliss. You should aspire to experience such bliss; only then can you be said to experience Krishna Consciousness. Whatever deity you may worship, you should experience the lessons of the deity within you.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II