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I Am The Champion Of The World

Akin to Bhagawan’s saying, bend the body, mend the senses and end the mind, when a resolute and committed Mikko Mayeda, who was completely blind, decided to ‘ride on’ with an untiring pursuit for excellence, nothing stood in her way making her victorious, a champion of the world. An inspirational poem from Mikko Mayedo depicting her moment of glory of becoming ‘the champion of the world’. (copyright with Mikko Mayedo) read more »

Are You Spying On Him?!?

How often have we seen the perfect ‘human face’ of the Avatar descended, our Beloved Bhagawan, living His life among men, talking, joking and laughing – like humans, touching every heart with His indelible impressions of Supreme Love. An interesting instance involving Prof Kasturi, Indra Devi and Beloved Bhagawan. read more »

Sai, Teri Pyaar Ki Yaadein…Profound Memories Of Your Boundless Love

How profound are the golden memories of His Divine Love!…is known to every soul as each soul will have its own tale of Divine bondage with Beloved Mother Sai…when these recollections become an intense sadhana, feeling within pours forth, as a fervent prayer, shaping up a beautiful poem…Ms Jullie Chaudhuri expresses the beauty of her profound memories of ‘His Touch Of Grace’ ending it up with a prayer to Bhagawan… read more »

The Power of the Lord’s Name…

In the course of His discourse in the Prasanthi Mandir on June 22nd, 1989, Bhagawan explained the purifying and redeeming power of the Lord’s Name when it is recited in a spirit of total surrender to the Divine. Bhagawan said: read more »

Sathya Sai About Shirdi Sai…

How Bhagawan Shirdi Sai, Who would often repeat ‘Dattatreya Malik’ and ‘Allah Malik’ once ‘proved’ that He is verily Lord Dattatreya and on another occasion demonstrated the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man, settling a dispute between Hindu and Muslim devotees, was narrated by Bhagawan in one of His Divine discourses… read more »

The Power Of Faith…

In one of His discourses in “Trayee Brindavan” in May 1994, Bhagawan spoke at length on the power of faith, He said: “Complete faith is most essential if you want to experience Divinity. There should not be even an iota of doubt. One living without faith in the Divine is like a lifeless corpse.” Bhagavan related the following story to illustrate the Power Of Faith: read more »

Audio Books Catalogue

We announce the availability of the following audio books with rich media content for your listening pleasure at your homes or on your car when you don’t have time to read the books. All the products are  priced at Rs. 100/-  each, postage and packing would cost an additional Rs. 61/- (within India). For Ordering Information, please send an email mentioning the Product Code, Product Name, Number of Copies and Shipping Address to read more »


When the entire creation gets activated at the waking hours, it denotes a miniature rebirth, marking the stage of transition from nidra to jagrat. The day, rather life cannot be started more auspiciously than hearing the sweet name of the Lord…a poem by Prof Kasturi on the efficacy of the dawning hour’s group spiritual exercise called Nagarsankirtan. read more »

That Unfathomable Bond Of Pure Love…!!!

Divine footprints upon the sands of consciousness,
Thus so, humanity did Bhagawan bless,
Nurturing every atom in creation – a Divine Largesse,
Oh! Beloved Lord…we pledge,
We will forever do as You say…
Together today, to You, we do this convey,
We adoringly seek Your glorious grace to rise above,
To prove worthy of…
…that unfathomable bond of pure love… read more »

Siva and Sivasakthi

God, Who is miraculous by His very nature, reveals glimpses of His glory, off and on, through what humans decipher as miracles. When faith meets with devotion, God acts swiftly, bringing heavenly providence, converting a humanly impossible situation into a possible miracle. How a little 14-year old lad came out unharmed, of cerebral meningitis and paralysis, by sheer blessing of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai. read more »